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Smartphone Panic Button
Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts

Set up numerous, personalized emergency alerts to ensure that help is just a tap, tap, tap away!

SOS Calls

SOS Calls

Urgent Help offers a quick and effective solution to your standard SOS calls. Your nearest policeman, fireman or medical professional is just three taps away!

Save Time

Save Time

Urgent Help instantly sends your emergency contacts your tailored alert message as well as your geo location to guarantee that you shave precious moments off the response time.

Customise Contacts

Customise Contacts

Urgent Help allows you to target your emergency alerts to multiple related contacts to ensure rapid spreading of your distress signal.

What is Urgent Help?

Smartphone Emergency App

URGENT HELP is another innovative technology start-up brought to you by iShack Digital Consultancy. The Urgent Help solution has been created to literally save lives by customizing and streamlining the process when you find yourself in an emergency situation and require quick access to help. Urgent Help is available on the iOS & Android Store. Click on your relevant store and get instant access to help when you are in a desperate situation.

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Frequenly Asked Questions

Step 1: Download the Urgent Help Application from the app store.
Step 2: Register with Urgent Help.
Step 3: Tap on Settings then Click on Manage Contacts. Add contacts to Urgent Help by entering their details manually or using the contact icon to use contacts already available on your smartphone.
Step 4: Tap on Manage Alerts. Add a new alert by giving the emergency alert a title, a customized message when activated, add primary and secondary contacts to be notified when this alert is activated and then select all the alert type options on how you would like them to be notified.
Step 5: Tap on add alert and your emergency alert has been created!

Please note that customized SOS buttons can be created by using the manage SOS section.
Safety is important undoubtedly in every person’s life. What happens when you have an emergency? Whether life threatening or medical emergency, it needs to be attended to as soon as possible. There are many advantages to using the Urgent Help application; not only do you get to inform relevant people of your emergency, but also you inform them of your physical where about. For instance, if you are encountering a medical emergency where your house has been broken into, worst case scenario you are shot and laying powerless on the ground, you a just 3 taps away from immediately alerting police, your security company, family etc. Now they know what has happened and also where you are (GPS Location). Anybody can use this application, as it will benefit both you and those who will be attending to your emergency. We can never be certain that crime and emergencies will not happen, but at least have the peace of mind having planned for it in advance!
You can find Urgent Help on the Apple store by clicking on this link or on the Google Play store by clicking on this link Otherwise log on to www.urgenthelp.mobi to get access to Urgent Help.
No, you are not required to sign up to a security firm to access Urgent Help, however should you already be subscribed to a security firm, you can add their emergency number to the SOS options as well as setting them up as your primary contact on your customized security alert. This will ensure that they are notified whenever you have a security issue.
No, you are not required to sign up with a medical aid to access Urgent Help, however should you already have a medical aid, you can add their emergency number to the SOS options as well as setting them up as your primary contact on your customized medical alert. This will ensure that they are notified whenever you have a medical issue.
We have a variety of different affiliate programs and licensing options available with the urgenthelp.mobi platform; please e-mail [email protected] to get in contact with us. We look forward to chatting with you!

Smartphone Panic Button
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a panic button on your Smatphone? Now you can! Having Urgent Help on your Smartphone will change your life- you’ll feel more secure knowing that you have a panic button at your fingertips. Now you don’t have to carry around a big remote control panic button anymore. All you need is your Smartphone and to have the Urgent Help app downloaded on your Smartphone.

Emergency Panic Button Solution
Why don’t you let Urgent Help be your emergency panic button solution? It’s like having an emergency remote control with you, but without having to lug it around with you. You take your phone with you everywhere; you even feel lost without your phone, hence having your emergency panic button solution on your phone is the best invention yet! All you have to do is download Urgent Help and customise it to your liking.

Mobile Phone Panic Button
If I told you you could own a mobile phone panic button, you’d think “wow”! Well, it’s now attainable! All you have to do is download Urgent Help and customise it to your liking. No more carting around heavy panic button remote controls, now it’s easy with Urgent Help- a mobile phone panic button! You’ll be delighted to own it, and feel safe knowing that help is only a tap, tap, tap away.

Smartphone Emergency App
Download Urgent Help now- it’s your Smartphone emergency app and it’s taking off like wild fire. Everyone has Urgent Help on their Smartphones now. Don’t be the one left out. It’s simple, you get to customise the Urgent Help app to your needs; you allocate the emergency numbers you feel are most important i.e. Police or ambulance or fire brigade, or even your nanny who’s babysitting your kids while you’re at work. Your Smartphone, your emergency app, your life!

Panic Button Application
Urgent Help is the newest and only panic button application available in the market at the moment so it’s obviously logical that every person wants it, and why wouldn’t they? It’s your emergency panic button solution. It’s simple to use and sends out important information to your loved ones like notifying them of your emergency and where you are at the time of pressing your panic button—it does this by e-mailing your GEO location to the various e-mail addresses that you provided when you setup the app. Violent crime is on the rise so don’t be left in the dark. If there’s an easy solution, then grab it with both hands. Download Urgent Help now and own your customised panic button application solution.